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The "Modern Cinderella" effect

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

Wow! It's been a wild three weeks since I started my first blog post! Get ready because I will be posting every week from now on.

Lately, I've been working hard on myself.

Something big happened in my growth journey, pushing me to delve deep into the recesses of my inner self over and navigate the labyrinth of personal growth. This has been a metamorphosis of sorts, and I can't wait to unravel some of the layers of this transformative odyssey, through my stories!


If you're close to my heart and have been holding my hand through this journey, you'll definitely catch a glimpse of my changes in these stories I write. To me, they are like roadmaps to discovering and sharing our unique talents allowing connections, support, inspiration, and lessons.


My first story is inspired by the magic of my latest trip. It captures the enchantment of an extraordinary experience seeping into the canvas of my ordinary life. I hope it puts a smile on your face and sparks your inspiration.

Sending you loads of love,


Ana G. Ovejero



The gentle glow of a cloudy sky filtered through the curtains. She awoke to find herself back in the familiar embrace of her bedroom. The grey hues whispered of a reality she wasn't ready to accept. She opened her eyes slightly and closed them back again.

“No! I don’t want to be back,” she mused, burying her face in the softness of her pillows.

Had it all been a dream? A fantastic adventure that now seemed distant and unreal. A week of highs and lows, where she battled not just dreams but a fevered reality in the last day.

A nasty virus from her recent travels confirmed that what she experienced was no mere figment of imagination.

She sat on the bed and thought, “Gosh, how much I wish I were back.”

She couldn't help but yearn for the enchanting moments of the past week. A gift of perfection from life itself – a glimpse into a world where magic was tangible, possibilities endless, and connections profound.

Life had gotten her closer to beautiful people aligned with her energy. People who accepted her for who she was, people able to hold her intensity. That felt refreshing.


This journey unfolded in a very intense three-day congress like no other, featuring her mentor, the wise Peter Sage. His presence on stage was a beacon of inspiration. She soaked in entrepreneurial wisdom and business skills, transforming into a woman who no longer felt confined within herself.

She felt ready to become a successful business owner and offer value to everyone she served.


Before the congress, a day of celebration with the Elite Mentorship Forum set the stage.  The connection, the vibration, and the joy were fantastic. What a wonderful playground of wonders where hugs turned virtual friends, or her imaginary friends as she called them, into reality. How wonderful was it to be able to hug all these wonderful people!


The pivotal first day of the congress marked her transformation into a woman comfortable in her skin, shedding the remnants of a scared girl trapped in an unfamiliar body.  That day, she finally entered the feeling she had been looking for. She felt like a real woman for the first time in her life. This change was the result of embracing her femininity after overcoming a lingering childhood trauma.

She was finally ready to accept herself and to be open to considering new opportunities again.


The subsequent days of the congress fueled her momentum, equipping her with the skills to launch her business. Amidst the sea of inspiring people sharing the working space, she found not only accountability partners and future cooperations but a stranger with whom she shared an intense connection as if they had known each other in past lives.


Their discussions outside the congress about life, businesses, journeys, and experiences stretched into long hours, a magnetic attraction humming between them. Yet, both held back, conscious of the spouses and children awaiting them in the real world.


The last day brought a sense of grief, acknowledging that the dream was fading and they were about to be separated by the demands of life.

Memories of those extraordinary moments swirled in her mind as she sat on her bed, grappling with the reality of her return.


She struggled to accept the life she had left behind; she had evolved into a new person who no longer fit within those familiar confines.

It felt like a modern Cinderella story, where the ballrooms and shining knights had vanished, leaving only remnants of a magical interlude.

Only pumpkins left. Back in her town's rainy, cold winter, she felt disconnected and trapped in what she considered an ordinary life.

Yes, she was back, and in this beautiful getaway congress, she had broken her stiletto, dancing and being over-excited. Amusingly, she took that as a sign that nobody would come around looking for a misplaced shoe.

Yes, she was back, but she wasn't the same. There was nothing left of her past self.

This new woman was the princess and the knight, and she was not waiting to be saved. She made the decision to save herself, stepping into the life she truly desired.


Grateful for the glimpse life had offered, she was determined to be and do whatever it took to reach her envisioned reality.

And so, a new chapter began – a grand finale to the summer season of her life journey.

A resounding "Yes!" to the beautiful adventure ahead.

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Thomas Krüger
Thomas Krüger
Dec 16, 2023


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