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Hey there, beautiful souls!

It's been a whirlwind two weeks spent battling the pesky virus I picked up on my recent adventure. Guess what? I'm practically back to my vibrant self! While my body might still be shaking off a bit of fatigue, my spirit is alive with the buzz of one of the most exhilarating chapters of my life.

You see, for years, I'd confined myself to the noble task of being a mom, pouring my heart and soul into the upbringing of my incredible children. But something remarkable during the last few years – a shift, a rebirth.

Day by day, I am evolving into what I consider to be a conscious, loving person ready to share my gifts with everyone open to receive them.

Now, you might be wondering, "What's this person on about?"

Well, we all possess unique gifts, and through our connections, we offer each other invaluable support, inspiration, and lessons. I'm diving headfirst into embracing my true self with an eagerness to see how the ripples of my present might touch your life. What you choose to do with that is entirely up to you.

After my last trip, I penned a short story inspired by the enchantment of my experience.

The twist? I narrated it in the third person because, in that creative moment, that featured woman became a past version of me – the one who absorbed fantastic lessons and emerged as the person I am today.

Why the third person, you ask? It injects a touch of romanticism into the narrative. Surprisingly, I've discovered that, despite my pragmatic outlook on life, I'm undeniably a hopeless romantic.

This blog is to become my canvas to explore human connections through short stories – tales that might inspire or resonate with you as much as they inspire or resonate with me.

I'm genuinely hoping you find as much joy in reading them as I find in writing them.

So, here's to the rediscovery, the embracing of the magic we have within, and to the endless stories of human connection waiting to unfold.

Much love,

Ana G

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Thomas Krüger
Thomas Krüger
Nov 25, 2023

Awesome Ana! Looking forward to read your wisdom. Abrazo!


Oh Ana, it's a beautiful read.

Looking forward to following your journey ❤️


Gill Back
Gill Back
Nov 22, 2023

What a beautiful blog post Ana G - looking forward to following you on this journey. <3


Looking forward to reading then and congratulations on your rebirth!

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